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StyroSten 3 in 1 Tool


Create your own bespoke cake dummies, toppers & stencils.

Availability: In Stock


Price: $69.90


The versatile and easy to use 3 in1 tool. Including a hot wire cutter for polystyrene and foam cutting, a hot knife for detail and interior cut outs and a stencil burner to create instant bespoke stencils.
Includes 2 replacement wires. Requires 4 X AA Batteries (Not included).

Hot Wire Cutter
• Heats instantly, creating fast clean precision cuts
• Superfine wire allows for intricate detail
• Perfect for cutting bespoke cake dummies & toppers

Stencil Burner
• Easy to use and no ragged edges
• Quickly and effectively cuts mylar stencil sheets
• Essential for bespoke design elements

Hot Knife
• Ideal for plunging, slicing & dicing
• Create, carve and cut in any direction
• Make channels in cake dummies for flower stems
• Essential for bespoke dummies and cake toppers

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